How to Get Referrals from LinkedIn for Business in 4 Steps

If you’re using LinkedIn for business, imagine if you had more warm prospects and referrals that you can talk to…how much faster and easier would you be able to grow your business?

Compare this to just talking to prospects that don’t know you…

Which one would be able to grow your business faster?

In most cases that I’ve seen, getting a referral by somebody to a prospect or ideal client that you want to talk to, is at least 2 to 3 times more likely to have a successful conversion from a prospect into your client.

Why are referrals so powerful?

It works in many aspects of life – for example, if you wanted some place to eat and you ask your friend, “Where’s a good place to eat?” and your friend recommends a certain restaurant.

Compare this to if you were to just come across this restaurant on your own.

In which situation would you be more likely to try the food?

For me, if my friends recommend it, 80% to 100% of the time, I’ll go try it – whereas if I came across it on my own, I may only think about trying it instead of actually going to the restaurant.

That’s why it’s so powerful if you are able to get referrals and introductions through your connections so you can reach out to your ideal prospects and clients.

1. Who to Ask for Referrals?

Not all referrals are made the same – the strategy is to start by first connecting with your top/most satisfied existing clients on LinkedIn.

The reason is simply because who do you want to refer you? You’ll probably want the person who absolutely loves you and your business to tell all their connections (whom some of them may be your prospects) in terms of how great you are and why others should use your products/services! That’s why this is a great chance for them to tell even more people about you – about what an amazing experience they’re having right now with your business – this makes it much more engaging because they can let their connections know about how great you are, when it’s freshest in their minds.

Then, reach out to your most recent clients who are ideal clients for you – you really enjoyed working with them, and they really enjoyed the products/services you’ve provided to them.

2. Ask Your Connections for Permission to Reach Out to Their Connections

Typically, when you ask for a referral introduction by somebody – you’ll notice that often times, it’s great and they say yes – but the introduction actually comes much later than you had anticipated – or maybe never at all!

The reason is because people are busy! If one of your client’s a CEO of a big company – he/she may not have the time to write out an introduction email to get you the referral.

Even if you wrote out the introduction email, sometimes they just never get around to it.

So, the key to success for getting someone to agree to a referral is to have a message for them to quickly and easily say “Yes”.

How to Get Referrals from Your LinkedIn Connections Part 2

You can see in this message on LinkedIn that it’s short to read, so they’re more likely to read it as opposed to a long email message. Then, it’s also quick for them to respond to – they can simply reply “Yes” and that’s all they need to do (instead of finding a referral person’s email and writing out an introduction email, etc.)

If they ask who you’re reaching out to as they want specific names, you can mention 3 names (I’ll show you how to find these people in the next step) so that they can quickly review those 3 names and just say yes. If it’s longer than 3 names, then, some of your connections’ may be thinking that you’re going to spam his/her network.

3. Use LinkedIn’s Advanced Search to Find Prospects You Want to Reach Out To

Once they’ve agreed by replying to yes – then use Advanced Searching by going to your client’s profile first – click on the number of connections they have right at the top of their profile.

How to Get Referrals from Your LinkedIn Connections Part 3

Then, narrow down by selecting Group Members (so that you can message them for free within the LinkedIn Groups you both belong to, as well as having an additional point of rapport with them).

You can then also go to the left side bar to better qualify your prospects by customizing your search – based on location, industry, company they’re working for, company size, etc.

4. Contact the Prospect through a LinkedIn message to get them to respond

Then, go to the group you both belong to, and click on Members. You will be able to search for that specific prospect using their name in the search bar.

Then, you can send out a message to those prospects

How to Get Referrals from Your LinkedIn Connections Part 4

You’ll see the key here is that in the first sentence, you’re showing them how you came across their profile as having a shared connection, so that they’re more likely to respond to you since you both know the same person.

Then, to ensure that you show an indirect referral of having credibility, by using your existing connection’s first name and saying that the connection thought it would be a good idea to connect with the prospect – this would be increased credibility as it’s indirectly endorsed by your existing connection.

Then, just let them know that you want to find out about their business…why this is so useful is because if your prospect’s a business owner or involved in management or business development/sales, they would love to tell people about their business! So they’re also more likely to say yes to your request.

Finally, ensure that you mention a specific day (so that they’re not required to figure out their schedule and get stuck on that point) – you want them to quickly look at their schedule and confirm or propose another time. Saying “next Tuesday” is a lot better than “next week” since that provides too many options, that’s going to delay the chance of them saying yes.

And also mention that it’ll be a quick chat so that they know you’re respectful of their time and that they can still fit you in if you’re busy.

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If you’ve found this training to be helpful, please feel free to share it with others that you know who can use more referrals to prospects.

Please also post in the comments section below for, “What is your biggest question about how to leverage LinkedIn for growing your business?” From this, I’ll be able to create more trainings and share tips to help you!

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