How to Get Clients on LinkedIn for Business – Marketing Campaign with Custom Value Selling

In order to get prospects to do business with you, often times, you’ll hear people say that you need to get them to like you, know you, and trust you before they’ll buy from you. When you’re on LinkedIn marketing for business…how would you do this with new prospects if they’ve never heard of you before?

You want to get more business from LinkedIn and would want to avoid the big mistake that I see a lot of people make – where they attempt to sell you their service in the first message they contact you with.

I’m sure you’ve seen those LinkedIn messages… where they introduce their company, what they do, and tell you to contact them if you’re interested (I’ve had people try to sell me everything from SEO and virtual assistant services to investments in private companies – which definitely seemed like a scam)…sometimes they even include the pricing directly in the email! (Such as $x/hour or what the pricing structure would be).

That’s pretty much comparable to if you just met somebody for the first time and tell them, “I think we’d be perfect for each other – WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

It just doesn’t work in starting a relationship, particularly a business one.

That’s why I want to introduce you to the “Custom Value Selling” concept that I’ve come up with. It works well for LinkedIn in getting business from prospects that have never heard of you – to get them to respond and build a relationship with you so that they’ll want to do business with you.

1. CUSTOMIZE for Your Prospects’ Wants and Needs

The first message that you send to them has to be customized to your prospects’ wants and needs. I made the mistake before (similar to what the people I mentioned above did for selling too early) of assuming what their wants and needs are when I approached prospects – and tried providing them with information related to these assumed wants and needs.

When I first started out, I tried to sell a study skills ebook, where it took me 6 months to create the ebook based on what I assumed students needed help with (without talking to them and finding this out). Guess how many ebooks I sold that year? 1 ebook for the entire year. I’m really not kidding. It resulted in a low response rate as it wasn’t exactly what they were looking for. Then, I began asking prospects what they want prior to sharing more information with them such as content, products, and services.

As soon as I started doing this on LinkedIn, where I asked the prospects that I was reaching out to in terms of what they want and need…what their problems and dreams/goals are… my ability to engage the prospect and get a call or meeting with the prospect DOUBLED.

This is because they’re most concerned with themselves – and when they get asked a question about something they’re highly interested in – such as solving their biggest problem or improving in a specific area – then they’ll be much more likely to RESPOND to you.

ACTION STEP: Start Asking Your Prospects in the First Message as to the One Biggest Problem They Want to Solve or One Biggest Area They’re Trying to Improve In/Achieve Goals In You can get my exact email script for this first message by Clicking Here for Free Access to this Email Script

2. ADD VALUE for What Your Prospects’ Want

After you find out specifically what they want, you focus on adding value to them to help them get what they want – and to help them take a step closer to solving their problem or achieving what they want. Going back to our example if you want someone to marry you – you don’t just ask them to marry you on the first date. You need to date them first and show them why they should marry you before they’ll say yes. It’s the same in business.

I’ve met hundreds of business owners, and some of them as my clients, some that are multi-millionaires – I ask them – how did you grow your business? Most times, if you look at their strategy and they also told me that, it’s simply just adding value to their prospects. When you add value, you don’t need to sell, people want to do business with you. This is the concept that most people miss when they try to do business – they’re still in the thinking of just only selling.

Imagine if somebody added value to you for free, to help you in taking the next step for solving a big problem or achieve a big dream that you have…would you say no when they want to talk to you next? Probably not – you’ll be very interested in what they have to say.

ACTION STEP: Once you find out from their response of what they want – in your second message, send them articles, videos, reports, whitepapers, ebooks, training, and resources to help them as it relates to areas that you can help them with.

3. BUILD YOUR CREDIBILITY so They See You as the Solution

After they see that you’re someone of value, that you’re not just trying to spam them with LinkedIn marketing or other marketing tactics, they’ll want to continue the relationship with you. You need to show them your credibility so they’ll see why they should do business with you, and not someone else. The way you do this is to continue adding value based on their response – what you do is you provide the strategies and also the results that you’ve gotten for your clients as examples of how the strategies work.

People learn through examples, and if you’re able to provide them with strategies and show them examples of how you’ve helped clients, then they’ll start seeing you as the solution. They will then begin positioning you as someone they should do business with to help them get what they want

ACTION STEP: In your third message – add value to them by showing them the strategies, and an example how you’ve helped your clients to get results your prospects’ would want by using these strategies.

4. SELLING the Initial Call or Meeting with Them

People have the misconception that LinkedIn marketing or LinkedIn for business is to sell their products and services only using messages on LinkedIn. They tell me – LinkedIn will not work for my business – I need to talk to them before they’ll buy from me. I totally agree. That’s why I’ve never tried to get clients by directly telling them how much my done for you LinkedIn business growth services would be.

Instead, the goal is to move this relationship from messages to a call or a meeting with them – or to get them to your website. All you’re doing is to ask them that since you’ve had been connected to them for some time on LinkedIn, it would be great to find out more about what they do and want to see if you can help them. Then, on the call, meeting, your website, that’s where you would engage them even further to start converting them into a client relationship

ACTION STEP: In your 4th message – ask them to a call or meeting (or send them to your website) so that you can find out more about what they want and see if you can help. DO NOT tell them that you’re going to be walking through your products/services on this initial call/meeting.

BONUS FREE TRAINING: To help you even further, you can get my exact email script for this first message to get prospects responding to you as to what they want (we’ve had responses from just a few hours to a few days after we send this out) in my free training by Clicking here now for “The LinkedIn System for Reaching 500 Qualified Prospects within 14 Days in Just 8 Minutes a Day”

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