3 Words that Doubled Responses from Prospects and Decision Makers on LinkedIn

It’s time consuming for having to find the prospect on LinkedIn, figure out how to start the conversation in that initial message without getting them to view you as spam (especially if they don’t know you), and to send out the message one by one…

Imagine if you’re able to spend less time on LinkedIn and get more responses from prospects that you message on LinkedIn? What would that mean for the increase in sales you’re able to get from more prospects to respond to you?

So if you’ve been frustrated or disappointed with the amount of responses that you get for how much time and effort that you put into LinkedIn – I want to share with you how I doubled my responses with 3 words and the exact message script that has 3 key parts.


After testing out lots of variations…with over ten thousand messages sent through LinkedIn…We came up with the 3 words that performed the best for getting responses…

Are you ready?

The 3 words are: “Question for You”

Now that may sound overly simple, but imagine if somebody sent you that message on LinkedIn. Without even reading the entire message – would you want to read it? Probably yes! The reason is because somebody’s asking you a question on LinkedIn – they’re probably wondering more about who you are and what you do. If you are trying to grow your business…this is a perfect chance to talk to a potential prospect… So – people that gets your message are more likely to open the message. If they’re more likely to open the message…they’re more likely to respond than if they didn’t open the message at all. 


Then, once they open up the message, your message needs to include these 2 parts for them to be more likely to respond to you:

1. Ask a Question that They’re Already Thinking About People are on LinkedIn to connect with others such as prospects, referral partners, new business opportunities, potential hires – so they’re already thinking about who they want to connect to. So just ask them who they want to connect to in your first message to them. By asking them this, you’re giving them a reason right away to respond to you! In addition, this also positions you as someone that’s adding value right away, which is going to differentiate you from all the other people who are trying to sell to them in the first message.

2. Ask a Question That Helps Them Solve Their Challenge Ask a question in regards to the biggest problem they have – as it relates to your products or services. For example, for my LinkedIn marketing and lead generation services and training, I ask them what their biggest challenge is for trying to get clients and referrals from LinkedIn.  

3. Give Them a Reason to Respond To You Just because you asked a question doesn’t mean they’ll answer. You need to let them know, especially if this is your first time contacting them, as to why you’re asking them this question. They wouldn’t take the time to respond to you if you don’t provide them with a reason to. The reason that I use for myself and my LinkedIn marketing clients, is that I may be able to share some practical strategies with them to help them solve their biggest problem/achieve their biggest goal to help add value to them. This lets them know that you’re not trying to sell them on something – so it decreases their view of you as spam – and instead, positions you quite uniquely from all the other messages they get on LinkedIn – of which probably half is trying to sell them something right in the first message.


Get this exact message script that allowed us to double our responses from prospects for free by clicking hereUsing this message – we were able to get responses within just a few hours in some cases from prospects! In this case…less than 1 hour for the response time!


So not only did we double our responses from prospects, we also found that we were getting responses more quickly from prospects after we sent out the message. The interesting part about this message is that I got 3 different of responses and why this would be important for you:

1. Prospects that are not interested – but they took the time to respond – so you can thank them for their response. What this means for you: They may not be interested now – but at least you got in front of them, so maybe if they have a need in the future – they’ll remember you.

2. Prospects that are not interested but say they’ll keep you in mind for the future What this means for you: You can perhaps send them a free training or some additional information and also note in your follow-up tracking to contact them in a few weeks or months.

3. Prospects that are interested by responding to your question – you can now follow up with them to help add value to them and build a relationship with them! So start getting more responses from your prospects…and imagine if you’re able to increase the number and shorten the time required for a prospect to respond to you… What would this mean for your business for the number of increased sales you’ll get? The key now is to take action…


Get the message script that allowed us to double our responses from prospects for free by clicking here  Double Response Script

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