How to Generate Appointments with Pre-Qualified Prospects from LinkedIn

Do you have existing LinkedIn connections or prospects that you’ve found on LinkedIn, but don’t know what to say to them so that they’ll want to have a call, meeting or presentation with you?

In order to get prospects to do business with you, you need to get them to like you, know you, and trust you before they’ll buy from you.

That’s why I want to introduce you to the “Custom Value Selling” concept. This is a LinkedIn marketing campaign with 4 messages that you can send to your existing connections who are prospects, or prospects you’re not connected to yet. The messages in this campaign will help you get better results for generating appointments with pre-qualified prospects.

How to Consistently Generate Appointments with Pre-Qualified Prospects from LinkedIn

1. CUSTOMIZE for Your Prospects’ Wants and Needs

The first message that you send to them has to be customized for what your prospects want or need.

Since they’re on LinkedIn, they’re probably looking to connect with potential clients or partners – so you can ask them who they want to connect to as you may know someone and make the introduction. This will position you as someone  the prospect can turn to for help and they’re more likely to respond to you.

Then, you ask them what their biggest challenge is for 1 area that you can help them with. For example, I’ll ask them what their biggest challenge is for getting clients or growing their business with LinkedIn is.

As soon as I started doing this on LinkedIn, where I asked the prospects that I was reaching out to in terms of what they want and need…what their problems are… my ability to engage the prospect and get a call or meeting with the prospect DOUBLED.

This is because they’re always thinking of “What’s in it for me?” So when they get asked a question about something they’re highly interested in – such as who they want to connect to and solving their biggest problem – then they’ll be much more likely to RESPOND to you.

ACTION STEP: Start asking your prospects in your 1st message as to who they want to connect to and the biggest challenge they want to solve. To make this easier for you, you can get my exact script for this first message for free – just copy, customize and send by clicking here.

2. ADD VALUE for What Your Prospects Want

After you find out specifically what they want, you focus on customizing your response and adding value to them to help them get what they want.

If you look at the really successful business owners, including multi-millionaires (some that I’ve had as clients), and you ask them, “How did you grow your business?”

Most times, if you look at their strategy and they also told me that, it’s simply just adding value to their prospects before asking for the sale.

When you add value first, people are much more likely to do business with you, compared to your competitors if they’re not doing this.

This is the concept that most people miss when they try to do business – they’re still in the thinking of just only selling.

Imagine if somebody added value to you for free, to help you in taking the next step for solving a big problem…would you say no when they want to talk to you next? Probably not – you’ll be very interested in what they have to say.

This is how you get them to know you and like you.

ACTION STEP: Once you find out from their response of what their biggest challenge is – in your 2nd message, you’ll want to customize your response and add value to them by sharing articles, videos, reports, whitepapers, and resources as it relates to areas that you can help them with.

3. BUILD YOUR CREDIBILITY so They See You as the Solution

After they see that you’re someone of value, that you’re not just trying to spam them or just try selling to them right away, they’ll want to continue the relationship with you.

You need to show them your credibility so they’ll see why they should do business with you, and not someone else. This is all about building the trust factor.

The way you do this is to continue adding value based on their response – what you do is you provide the strategies and also the results that you’ve gotten for your clients as examples of how the strategies work.

People learn through examples, and if you’re able to provide them with strategies and show them examples of how you’ve helped clients, then they’ll start seeing you as the solution.

They will then begin positioning you as someone they should do business with to help them get what they want

ACTION STEP: In your 3rd message – add value to them by showing them the strategies, and an example how you’ve helped your clients (such as a case study) to get results your prospects’ would want by using these strategies.

4. SELLING the Initial Discovery Call or Meeting with Them

People have the misconception that LinkedIn marketing for business is to sell their products and services only using messages on LinkedIn.

They tell me – LinkedIn will not work for my business – I need to talk to them before they’ll buy from me.

I totally agree. That’s why I’ve never tried to get clients by messaging them on LinkedIn and telling them about my LinkedIn lead generation and marketing services (maybe even include a proposal) in the message.

Instead, the goal is to move this relationship from messages to an initial discovery call or a meeting with them.

You let them know in a short message that because you’ve had been connected to them for some time on LinkedIn, it would be great to find out more about what they do and want to see if there’s an opportunity to work together. And ask if they would be open to a call or meeting with you.

Then, on the call, meeting or presentation, you would engage them even further to start converting them into a client relationship

ACTION STEP: In your 4th message – ask them to a call or meeting so that you can find out more about what they want and see if you can help. You can get the exact script that you can send out in my free live training by clicking here.

Free LinkedIn for Business Live Training:

This is just one of the strategies that I’ll be covering and you can get my exact scripts for two of these messages in my free live training of How LinkedIn Can Consistently Generate Appointments with Pre-Qualified Prospects for Your High Ticket Offer and Get Up to 555.56% ROI”, click here to claim your spot

Please comment below as to which of these 4 messages you’ve found most helpful? And what’s your biggest challenge for using LinkedIn to grow your business? This will also help me create future content to best help you.

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