Growing Your Small Business through Innovative Strategies and Optimizing Your B2B Marketing Tools and Systems.

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • “How can I generate more leads and traffic?”
  • “How can I get more appointments with decision makers?”
  • “How can I find time to work on the business and not in the business?”
  • “How can I get higher paying clients?”
  • “How can I get results faster and generate more profit in my business?”

You’re in the RIGHT place!

We work with entrepreneurs, small business owners, consultants, and coaches to grow their business by increasing their leads, productivity, and profitability.

You will be able to get strategies, tools and systems that are SIMPLE with a FOCUS on GROWTH.

We train and provide services that use the latest business to business marketing (B2B) tools and systems to grow your income, productivity and freedom in your business!

You can dig through countless books, articles, and blogs – and waste a ton of time, or you can get our weekly Business Accelerator Insights (it’s free) and you’ll get PROVEN strategies, tools, and systems.

And the best part? we’ll make it simple to understand with step-by-step instructions, showing you exactly what works and what doesn’t so you can save time and effort!

Our Mission

Creating More Business in Less Time So You Have More Income, Influence, and Freedom to Do What You Love!

My Story

LI Profile PhotoHi I’m Angela Lin, a Chartered Accountant (CPA) turned marketer and business growth strategist. I have used social media and online marketing to get more leads and clients since 2008. My mission is to help you get business results in less time. Clients include small business owners, entrepreneurs, sales teams to multi-millionaires around the world, in various industries.

Having audited private and public companies from small to larger ones worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and being the leader for ensuring that business processes are carried out properly, I can take what has already proven to have worked at the successful businesses and translate it into efficient processes for you. Having been the controller of a junior public company, I am also constantly focusing on what would be most profitable for your business.

As a certified Customer Acquisition Specialist and Customer Value Optimization Specialist, and constantly learning the latest best practices – I will help you optimize your traffic for getting clients and increasing your profitability.

The training that we provide is made to be simple, step-by-step so that you can immediately take action, which I’m a big firm believer on: ‘Taking Action = Progress”

Taking the RIGHT Action = Success.

The strategies will provide you with the right actions to take. These are from our real-world experience, not just what we think works, but what actually works.

Fun Fact: I speak and read Mandarin fluently, improvs on piano, loves travelling and food, loves anything to do with ocean (including being in a cage with sharks swimming within arm’s reach) or water sports, listens to country/ R&B/ pop/ electronic/ instrumental music, has been involved in income property real estate investment for 14 years, and have over 205,000 views on YouTube for teaching students how to cut their study time in half…

“My goal is to systemize, automate, and provide proven strategies with immediate actionable steps you can take right now to grow your business.”

Thank you for visiting!

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