Here's How You Can Have this DONE FOR YOU to Save Time for 
Getting More Referrals, Prospects, and Sales


We Help You Get In Front of the Ideal Clients & Decision Makers You Want to Reach
If you could talk to the right prospect, you know you could grow your sales and income faster and easier…You can simply focus your time on talking to ideal clients who:
1.Pre-qualify themselves
2.Give you their phone numbers & a time in their calendar
3.Tell you exactly why they need your products/services
Result: Done for You. More referrals. More prospects. More sales. 


✓ You Don't Have the Time, Knowledge, or Resources in Your Business to
leverage LinkedIn but want to achieve business growth

Your current business is at least 3 Years
✓ Have a structured sales process - just need the initial meeting or contact
✓ Are clear who your ideal clients are
Your sales are $5,000 or more per client (over the client's lifetime)


LinkedIn Business Growth Strategy
Achieve Focus to Increase Reach and ROI

  • We know you have a unique business, clients, prospects, messaging etc. That's why we get to know about your company and who your ideal clients are (based on title, industry, company size, location, etc.)
  • We'll then customize a Business Growth Strategy for specifically engaging your ideal clients and prospects.
  • Increase ROI as we focus on what are the most profitable products/services that you offer in your business for promoting this to your ideal clients.
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Profile Optimization to Get Found and Contacted More by Ideal Clients

  • Optimize to get found more by prospects researching online and on LinkedIn for the keywords related to your business
  • Create an eye-catching headline so prospects will want to view your profile
  • We’ll write your entire summary & current experience to showcase your brandcredibility, testimonials, and achievements
  • Once you've approved the wording for your summary and experience, we'll then update your LinkedIn profile for these sections and any additional sections to save you time and effort
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Grow Your Qualified Prospect and Referral Network

  • Being able to focus our time and effort through advanced searching to reach the most qualified prospects based on your criteria will increase your return on investment and higher response rate
  • Go Where Thousands of Qualified Prospects Are Waiting for You - We will join you in LinkedIn Groups that would have your ideal clients in them to start creating rapport and contacting them
  • Save Your Time & Effort for Guaranteed Consistent Connection Growth to Leads & Referral Partners
  • New Business Opportunities - We'll then reach out to ideal prospects in the LinkedIn Groups you belong to for bringing you new leads, prospects and traffic
  • This works even if you have very few connections right now (we've worked with clients that had only 43 connections and were able to get 483 qualified leads as connections within 23 days)
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Marketing Campaign to Your Ideal Clients to Get Them Requesting More Info, Phone Call or Meeting with You 

  • We develop a series of customized messages for starting and building the relationship with your prospects consistently so you don't have to figure out what to say to engage them.
  • You approve of the wording for these customized messages in the marketing campaign to ensure it aligns with your business & branding.
  • Save you time and let us do the work of sending & tracking thousands of these personlized messages to each of your highly qualified prospects for consistently generating more leads and traffic to your business.
  • We will continue to improve on the messaging based on the results and notify you of prospects to follow up on for setting an initial call or meeting with them, or sending them to your free webinar/event.
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Be Top of Mind and the Thought Leader with Your Prospects

  • Be seen by Thousands or Tens of Thousands of Your Ideal Clients as we start discussions in your LinkedIn Groups based on the content that you provide to us
  • If you don't have your own LinkedIn Group for reaching out to prospects, your competitors will...
  • We'll create your LinkedIn Group and invite your most qualified prospects to join so that you can continue to be exposed to new prospects for adding into your marketing campaign
  • Build Your Email & Prospect List 
  • Be Seen First by prospects with your discussions that you classify as "Manager's Choice" for being the featured discussion
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What People Are Saying...


Gregory Q. Jenkings, President & CEO
Quentasia Industries Incorporated

The hardest thing for any business owner is finding new customers. Just being able to get in front of the right people within an organization is an art form.

Following her advice, within days, I had 75 qualified potential new clients. She has figured out how to harness the power of LinkedIn and does an excellent job of teaching others. If you’re looking to expand your business, I urge you to watch her videos and to use her services.


Keith McCann, Sales Director 
Source Intelligence

Angela is a savvy and effective marketing professional. She directed a LinkedIn outreach campaign for us at Source Intelligence targeting C-level executives of Fortune 500 companies in specific industries. Not only did she meet our program objectives, but Angela was instrumental in helping us overcome several obstacles along the way. 

I was impressed by how much time and effort she invested in understanding our needs, our customers’ needs and the nuances of our business. So much so that she was able to solve problems before we became aware of them. Angela is also naturally adaptive; adjusting tactics decisively as circumstances change. 

We will certainly rely on Angela again when we have need to expand into new market segments. I highly recommend Angela to anyone who needs a marketing professional that delivers on her promises and achieves measurable results."


Barbara Davis, Author & Speaker

"Angela’s strategies and tips have literally worked wonders! In one week, I have almost 100 new connections on LinkedIn, and about a dozen new people in each of the 2 new groups I created. I have 1 highly qualified prospect asking for help so I’m going to try to set up a meeting with him.

I have started sharing your links with everyone I know. I haven’t been this confident in pre-sales activity ever! ”

Prospects' Responses to
Our Clients Based on Our
Done for You Services...